What are grey colored awards?

It means, route data is not available in our database, but the calculator still can use award chart to calculate required mileages of direct route. If you are interesting in grey color awards, you can try to search route data by youself.


淺灰色獎勵,表示在我們的資料庫中找不到可以飛行的路線,但可以從兌換表中計算出直飛所需的哩程。這代表可以發揮想像力, 用其他方式搜尋匹配的航線,若找得到,就有機會兌換該獎勵。

Occasionally, the route data displayed on an award, can not be found in other web sites.

Worldwide airline route data changes fast. We can not update all new routes or canceled routes in real time. If you can not find the route in other web sites, it might because our database is not the latest. Please try to search other routes.


各航空的航線變化很快,我們無法即時掌握所有新增或是取消的航線,當您在其他地方找不到該航線時,表示可能我們的資料庫尚未更新。 此時我們建議試試查詢不同的路線。